Want to do more for your community? Come Join the Greensburg Fire Department, we have something for everyone. Whether you want to run into the burning building, drive the fire apparatus to the emergency call, dive or rescue victims from rivers, creeks, lakes and search for missing people with the bloodhound team. Additionally, if you would just like to join to help out at fundraising events or help around the station, the Greensburg Fire Department welcomes all who want to help better their Community.


The Greensburg Fire Department has various types of membership:


Regular Membership-


- Age 18 and older

- Fire Training: All Firefighting, rescue and emergency medical Training is provided

- Scholarships The following are scholarships that are available to who want further their education:

  The Edward Hutchison Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship, The Caldwell Inspirational Scholarship, The Lance Wentzel

   Memorial Scholarship

- Team: A Great sense of Community and serving for a good cause

- Leadership Opportunities for advancement not only within the company but in the department as well on both the

  administrative and operational side of the GFD.

- Free membership to the aerobic center

- Family Camaraderie and lifelong friendship


Reserve Membership-


An individual who Lives within the City of Greensburg and/or works within the City of Greensburg, or an individual who is attending one of the local universities/college in the area who belongs to another fire department.


- This member must be in good standing at their current Fire Department

- Must present all certifications and a completed application to the chief, the chief will then  make the recommendation

  to the board of control and mayor

- Reserve Membership has no voting rights and cannot hold any Office position within the department and/or company


- Reserve members are still required to follow company rules as a regular member per the companies and departments


- Once accepted the actor can obtain further training within the department.


Junior Member-


- Age 14-17 must have working papers and be in good standings with his school work.

- No training is required

- Complete application and background check

- Completion of basic training after membership is approved

- Attendance at monthly meetings, trainings, find raising and occasional special events per Company and

  Department SOP/SOG


Social Membership-


Each of the six companies have their own description and duties of a social membership. If you want to help but do not want to partake in the emergency side please contact a company for a social membership and social membership application. If you would like to join please see stop at one of the stations to get an application.



Below is a copy of the application and process for how to become a Regular, Reserve, and Junior member. Please Follow the directions and then turn the completed application in to whichever company.


Each member is required to fill out the application, obtain a physical by a licensed physician (of applicant’s choice). Applicants will be reimbursement for their physical. Applicants will also have to obtain clearances through child welfare and criminal background check. Once all complete turn into the company you wish to join and once read at that company, it will go to the city administrator for final approval. Once approved by both the City of Greensburg and the company, you will be contacted.

If you have any questions, please go to the contact page and click on recruitment




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