Pat Lyon was the first to build and use a double deck engine.  He built his first fire engine for the Eagle fire Company in 1794 for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  This was the first Pat Lyon fire engine west of the Allegheny Mountains.  He made fire engines from 1794-1824.  He was the first to use the folding double deck after 1800.  His shop was at Front and Lombard Street.  The Greensburg engine was probably built at this shop by the Philosophical Library.


The Pat Lyon was retired from the Pittsburgh Fire Department after the great fire of 1845.  It was sold to the Pat Lyon Hose Company in Greensburg and was used until approximately 1876.  The City fathers were going to destory this engine until the members from Hose Company No. 3 rescued it.  The engine had temporary repairs throughout the years and was painted red.


At the sight of a fire, local residents would create a fire brigade line from a source of water (probably a stream or a pond).  Buckets of water were gathered and handed from a person to person to fill the reservoirs  on the Pat Lyon.  Six firefighters would line up of either side of the fire truck and pump the water on the fire source.


In December, 1998, the engine was loaded on a flatbed truck and was delivered to the Weavertown Coach Works in Bird-of-Hand, Pennsylvania where the Amish workmen meticulously restored it to its present, pristine state.  Jake King of Weavertown Coach Works along with Elam Fisher of Double E Coach Works restored the engine to its original condition and color, Brewster Green.  The engine is capable of pumping water sixty feet.  In order to accomplish this, one needs a total of 12 men to pump and a large number of people to make up the fire brigade.



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