The Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department Museum was established by the Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department to preserve the history and artifacts of firefighting in Western Pennsylvania for future generations.


The museum is operated by a committee comprised of firemen from each company of the Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department and other interested members of the community.


The museum includes the following:


- Photos of major fires in the Greensburg area, Greensburg Fire Department Equipment, parades, and fire stations

- Old parade uniforms, musical instruments, and trophies

- Antique fire trucks, helmets, coats, nozzles, smoke masks, radio communication gear, fire extinguishers, toy fire trucks

- Models of the city fire stations and trucks

- Old convention mugs and badges

- Dive team and dog team memorabilia

 - European fire gear and uniforms


The museum is located behind Greensburg City Hall on S. Main St.

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